Mourinho: “This is one of the days you want to come”

Mourinho: “This is one of the days you want to come”

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Ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

José Mourinho share his feelings before Man United clash with Chelsea TV, speaking also about his friendship with Louis Van Gaal – they worked together for three years at FC Barcelona in the 90’s-  about the title race and about PFA Award and Hazard’s evolution as a player

“Chelsea v Man United is one of the biggest games in Europe, not the biggest one but it’s big, and we like it, the players like it, everybody wants to play, everybody is happy to play…so it’s one of these days that you want to come”

“During the game I don’t even remember that Van Gaal and me are friends, unless he’s there in the technical area, that usually doesn’t happen because Louis normally stays in the bench and sends the assistant to communicate with the team…so I won’t be friend with him during the match, I will forget” (he laughs)

“I don’t know if they’re fighting for the title or if they’re fighting to keep the distance to the fourth but it doesn’t matter, but I know they will try to win: or to be champions or to keep the distance to the fourth, so I think they will try to win the game”

“About the title race: when I keep my feet on the ground I see that it’s easier for the people that work with me to follow me, so the players know that in football only mathematics make the final decision and we need 11 points. So when people say ‘we’re almost there, we’re almost there’ there’s no almost, we need 11 points, not 10, we need 11″

“About Courtois, Diego Costa and Hazard being nominated for the PFA Award…to be honest…I’m not worried with that, and I guess also the players, to be honest….for them it’s just a detail: the main thing is to win the title, it’s to win the Premier League, that’s the main thing. If we win that, and in the end, in the top of that, we have some good news…that’s good”

“If you compare Eden Hazard today and Eden Hazard three years ago…if every player has this kind of development is fantastic: not all of them are able to grow up with such a stability as he’s doing but when you have talent and the players have time to work you can expect better things”