Mourinho: “We feel we can win at Arsenal”

Mourinho: “We feel we can win at Arsenal”

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Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Jose Mourinho press conference ahead of Arsenal clash:

Didier is fine, Remy is not fit for sure, Diego Costa we will make a decision tomorrow”

“Diego is a very important player for us, but we’re coping every match without it, Remy and Drogba did a good job without him, we played in a different way without him…we’re playing more strategic, we’re less artistic, we would like Diego Costa to be back, we decided Solanke not to play yesterday with the U21, so we will select Didier and Solanke or Didier and Diego. Diego is in doubt for tomorrow, but if he doesn’t play Arsenal he will play Leicester for sure”

“I agree with Zidane that Hazard is one of the three best players in the world: he’s a fantastic talent and player, if we win the Premier League his season will be absolutlly fantastic, if in the top of that he wins PFA award will be nice”

“Reception for Fabregas at Emirates? I don’t know. To be fair I am not worried with that, Frank Lampard played at Stamford Bridge with no problems, with a good reception: if he has a bad reception, he is not the kind of players that will have problems and will be affected by it…he played in Barcelona with an Arsenal shirt, so no problem for him”

“I know why he [Fabregas] chose Chelsea, I don’t know what made him didn’t choose Arsenal, and I don’t why he left Arsenal. He’s an important player for our project, and normally good projects end with titles, so this is the only thing I can say”

“Wenger is not my rival, I don’t feel that, I think is just the manager of a big team and rival in the same city where I work and live, for me there is no difference: it was the same when I was at Inter with Milan manager, or Real Madrid with Atletico, or Porto with Benfica..”

“For me achievement is to win tomorrow, I don’t look to numbers, I don’t look to record I have against this manager or this club. I think my players didn’t even know about that, unless they watched tv in the past couple of days and I don’t think they care about it. I think what matters is the way we prepared the game, the confidence we have”

“I think Bamford in these weeks has to care about his next games with Boro, not about his future”

“If Hodgson asks me if I can give him Gary Cahill I think we’re going to respect the rules like we did all season, even if we will have a tour”

“I think Arsenal squad is fantastic: they got incredible numbers and a lot of alternatives for every role, it’s fantastic”

“We feel that we can win: the only thing that matters on Sunday is the football game, what I wish is Chelsea, Arsenal and the referee to be top”

“If you look to the last couple of months for us couldn’t been harder for us…a lot of difficult games”

“[To win the title] We need 8 points, not 6 or 7, we need 8 points”

“How much Wenger pushed me hard back in October? [laughs] This is a top question, but since I’m honest in my answers, I cannot answer”

“Everybody is fit except the strikers”

“I cannot compare my Fabregas with Arsenal Fabregas and Barcelona Fabregas because I don’t know what the managers asked him, with me he’s doing everything we need, adapting to every role, for me fantastic contribution and season for us“.