Mourinho: “We need Stamford Bridge to push us”

Mourinho: “We need Stamford Bridge to push us”

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In his post-match interview with Sky Sports, José Mourinho sought to remind viewers that Chelsea are focused on winning the title, regardless of how far ahead they are:

Prior to the game, Mourinho commented on the state of potential relegation survivors: “we are in form and we fight for our lives too” – a sign that Mourinho aims to stay disciplined until Chelsea are officially champions

After an exciting second half leading a 3-1 win, the manager stated: “It’s phenomenal what they’re doing… I think it’s fantastic”

“I think, in a very pragmatic way, I think we are what every team would like to be” – the fact that Chelsea have never left the driving seat in the premier league this season shows that the champions elect are role-models to winning a league title.

However, Mourinho yet again notified the importance of staying disciplined leading into a weekend game that, given a win, would declare them champions: “I think Stamford bridge must be ready to push the team…we need to win and we need Stamford bridge to not be celebrating we need bridge to push us.”