Mourinho: “We’re ready to fight and suffer together”

Mourinho: “We’re ready to fight and suffer together”

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Ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea manager José Mourinho gave an interview to Chelsea official website to analyse the situation of his team in the title race, with only the last crucial matches remaining:

“We believe in ourselves. We have strong mentalities. We try to cope with the difficult moments we have during the whole season. This is a difficult moment but it’s a difficult moment that we can handle in the best possible way. We are ready to play, we are ready to fight, to suffer together.

‘We are ready for everything, so really we believe in ourselves, and we believe that the most difficult job is the job of the others that come from behind, because the others, if they draw one game, they are in trouble. They have to win every game so it’s more difficult for them than for us.

Mourinho also explained that he avoided the rotation of the two midfielders for a matter of stability:

“For me football is not just mathematics, and when some people write that  Fabregas has dropped his level because the number of assists are not the same, the number of assists are probably not the same because the player that he assists doesn’t score.

“I think he’s playing wonderfully well for us. I never had doubts about his importance for us in the team, and Matic, he was suspended, and after the suspension he was injured celebrating in the final, so he went back and he was not in the best condition.”

“He went back, he was out for two or three weeks so it takes time, but I always think stability is very important in a team, and it’s not in April that you are going to make important changes in the team. April is a moment of stability and obviously I keep faith in the people that I trust from the beginning of the season.”

Mourinho also took time to praise Loic Remy, that scored very important goals in this season, especially in the last two games:

“He’s a striker, every striker has this in them, so when Eden recovered the ball you could see immediately he sprinted to score what I call an easy goal, but I love strikers to score easy goals. The tap-in when the goalkeeper has an incomplete save, attack the ball in a low cross, rebounds – I love the easy goals from a striker, so I’m really happy with him.”

“He trains fantastically well. He keeps himself in great condition to come to matches, even without many, many minutes to be ready for us, so I’m really pleased and everybody’s pleased for him. He’s a great boy and his contribution for us is already crucial with these two match-winners in the last two matches.”

Then a look to next game, the derby at Loftus Road next Saturday:

“I’ve never played at QPR as a Chelsea manage, but I know history and I know that for QPR to play against Chelsea is a special match.”