Mourinho:”I think everyone want to play us. We are the weakest”

Mourinho:”I think everyone want to play us. We are the weakest”

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Jose Mourinho has already started the mind games ahead of the Champions League last 16 draw on Monday. According to the Portuguese coach Chelsea are among the weakest side who qualified for the next phase of the tournament and and all the other teams hope to draw the Blues.

Mourinho said:

“I think everyone want to play us,”

”I think every second team wants to play us. They don’t want to play Barcelona, they don’t want to play Real Madrid, they don’t want to play Atletico [Madrid], they don’t want to play Bayern [Munich]. I think every team finishing second they want to get us, they want to get Zenit. We are the weakest.”

“What gives me confidence is the fact that we are playing ok in the last couple of months,” 

“The results are not as good as the work we do every day or as good as the players are playing.”

“We would have had different results against Stoke, Tottenham and Bournemouth. The piece of luck that we had in our first goal – it is a great pass and a great move – but we are a bit lucky with the rebound. It is a great save from [Iker] Casillas. That little bit of luck we never get in the Premier league. A great decision by the official on the goal-line; we never get that in the Premier League.”

“The Premier League boss [Richard Scudamore] told me in an interview a few months ago that it would be good for the Premier League if Chelsea is now the champions,” 

“But he didn’t say that it is good for the Premier League if we do not finish fourth.”

“While mathematically it is still possible let’s fight in every game for every point and see if it possible to finish fourth. To win the Champions League I think it is obvious that a team struggling so much like we are not obviously a candidate to win the Champions League.”

“But when we won in Porto in 2004 we were not candidates, when we won with Inter in 2010 we were not candidates. When when we were candidates we lost two semi-finals with Real Madrid and lost two semi-finals with Chelsea so you never know.”