Mourinho:”I’m better than I thought.”

Mourinho:”I’m better than I thought.”

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Ex Chelsea boss José Mourinho will return to Stamford Bridge on Sunday, this time as Manchester United manager © Francesca Ceciarini

In his last interview as Chelsea manager, Mourinho who obviously was not aware that he would be released from Stamford Bridge, spoke about Chelsea’s horror run of form which he described as an amazing learning process. The interview was  scheduled to be broadcast on Thursday.

Mourinho told BT Sports:

“I have to say it’s a good experience,”

“An experience that probably came too late, [it has] come after 15 years. ”

“I was ready to live with it, to cope with it because [of my] maturity and experience… but I can imagine that if this happened in the beginning probably my career would have been even better. ”

“This is an amazing learning process. About myself. About the players, I think I know everything. About myself, I still have some things to discover. And this period was important for me. I’m better than I thought.”