Mourinho:”What some people write and say is really bad for the players”

Mourinho:”What some people write and say is really bad for the players”

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During the post-match press conference Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has defended his players and criticised the way the media have treated the Blues in the recent days.

Chelsea have lost against Stoke in the Capital One Cup fourth round after the 5-4 penalty shootout. After the game, the Portuguese coach has accused media of creating a horrible atmosphere before the gamewhich had an effect on his players.

Mourinho said:

”I cannot blame anyone, they gave everything and we should be 3/4-0 in the first half”

”Last year we won here 2-0 shooting twice on goal”

”Maybe the only ones I can blame are the players who told me they didn’t want to take the penalty, but no… I cannot blame anyone”

”My situation is fantastic”

”The players are with me, they don’t play against me”

‘What the players did tonight is face some people that write and speak, and said: ‘You are stupid” ”

”But I guess what some press write and pundits say it’s very bad for them, not for me… But for them, because it’s not true”

”If they would play against me it were fantastic for me because I know they play against me, but this is not the case”

“If anyone saw the second half the other day, playing with 10 men the way they did, it’s a lack of respect for the players.”

”You can see the attitude they have on the pitch, even on Saturday, playing with 10 men, they gave everything”

“Maybe they think my players are like them when they were players. My players don’t do that, they tried everything”

”Results are important, we all say that, also me, but 4months ago when I won the Premier League people where saying results are not everything, now it’s the only thing that matters: it’s a contradiction”