Nevin: “Hazard on the same Bale and Ronaldo’s level”

Nevin: “Hazard on the same Bale and Ronaldo’s level”

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Eden Hazard against Everton last season © Francesca Ceciarini

Blues legend Pat Nevin analyses Chelsea fantastic moment and he’s full of praise for Belgian star Eden Hazard, as well as his attack partner Diego Costa and defender David Luiz:

“There were stunning performances throughout, with Eden Hazard showing precisely why it is not silly to ask whether he is capable of consideration alongside the likes of Gareth Bale and Ronaldo, Nevin said.

“Diego Costa was colossal and David Luiz bestrode the match like a world-class footballer playing against an under-11 side.”

The former striker, anyway, claims feet must remain on the ground:

“This isn’t to say Chelsea are going to walk away with the league title but at the very least it suggests this is a team that will be in the shake-up come May.”