Pat Nevin on Chelsea: “They’ll still want to win”

Pat Nevin on Chelsea: “They’ll still want to win”

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In anticipation for tomorrow’s Premier league clash, ex-Blues player and pundit Pat Nevin shared his thoughts on the game with the official Liverpool F.C website.

In response to Chelsea recently winning their 5th league title, Nevin remarked: “Although people didn’t realise, the pressure really was on Chelsea; they were running out of top players,” before stating that the champions will still go for a good result, due to “the relationship between the two clubs and the great games there have been over the last few years.”

It can go either way, it’s quite common that you will see a team opening up when the pressure is off. That could happen with Chelsea but I don’t think it will.” The former Chelsea Player of the Year remarked on how lack of pressure can allow a team to play freely or have them slack somewhat, although remained confident that Mourinho’s men would stay disciplined, predicting it to be “a tight and technical game.”

Nevin then shared his views on PFA Player of the Year, Eden Hazard: He is improving all the time…I would compare him with [Cristiano] Ronaldo at Manchester United, because there were elements of his game that were superfluous, and he then got rid of them all and kept the things that worked.”

He then went on to speak on the emerging youth from Liverpool, stating that “Coutinho stands out” amongst the rest, who Nevin feels could get closed down by solid defensive work from the likes of Azpilicueta and Ivanovic: “The bits we’re beginning to see of Coutinho, he’s absolutely up there and he’s a phenomenal standard of player.

Nevin states “it’s hard to say” how a Liverpool side can get a much needed win over a consistent Chelsea side under Mourinho: “if he opens it up it could be anyone’s game and the fact that Liverpool need it more I wouldn’t be too surprised if they win if Mourinho makes a few changes.”