Man City manager says his club won the title and League Cup last year with more goals and more style.


According to Mirror, Manchester City manager takes a swipe at champions Chelsea.

Pellegrini continued his war of words with Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, focusing particularly on their style of football.

Chelsea have blown their Premier League rivals away this season. There are still three games to go, but a huge 13 points gap.

City boss Pellegrini said: “I’m not thinking about the gap. Chelsea did what we did last year. They won the Premier League and the Capital One Cup. We did the same last year, with more goals, in another style.

“It is important for the Premier League and the fans to play attractive football. That’s why I have said what I just said.

“We scored 158 goals (in total). We scored 102 in the Premier League, 22 in the Capital One Cup. We are still the top scoring team (this season). I hope we can continue as we have in the last four years – we won two titles and, in the other two, were in second pace.

“You cannot always beat the other important teams – United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool. I hope we are again involved in the fight for the title.”

Pellegrini added: “I am very happy because we played well against a difficult team, who play attractive football, and who beat Chelsea.

“Chelsea conceded five goals here [at Tottenham]. I congratulate Mauricio Pochettino and his players. They play entertaining football.”

Joe Hart, City goalkeeper said: “Congrats to Chelsea. Well deserved to win the league, to win from the front. Great respect. But they know we’ll be back next year.”