Pochettino: “Chelsea are favourite but we can make a dream reality”

Pochettino: “Chelsea are favourite but we can make a dream reality”

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Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino claims Chelsea are the favourite to win this FA Cup semifinal but, meanwhile, it’s not easy to beat Tottenham, who have been in a positive run with 8 wins in a row:

“To have to play the semi-final against one of the best teams in Europe doesn’t happen often,” he told reporters.

“If there’s a favourite it’s Chelsea, top of the Premier League, with experienced players and the manager they have.

We’re talking about the team who in the last five years won European competitions and a manager who won the title in Italy.

“They’re more experienced, but we are in different process with different momentum to Chelsea. It is impossible to compare us.

“They have players who have won trophies, including the World Cup (Cesc Fabregas and Pedro of Spain).

“Our players have not won nothing. We’re improving a lot. First you have to be there and challenge and we have the opportunity to do that.

“It’s up to us to step up and make the dream a reality.”

Spurs are now only four points from Chelsea in the Premier League table and Pochettino suggested the club were ahead of schedule as they fought to establish themselves as big-hitters:

“Three years ago when I came here it was all about how we can reduce the gap with the top four,” he said.

“That was the main problem Tottenham had. Not only have we reduced the gap but we’re fighting for the Premier League, to win titles.”

Last season Spurs collapsed in the end of the campaign, slipping to third place after fighting for the title with Leicester City until the beginning of May:

“We’re showing we learned from last season and if we only see the data it shows we have improved a lot,” added Pochettino.

“With six to play we’ve achieved 71 points when last season we finished with 70. We improved, that’s a reality.

“The team are playing in a good way, exciting football, scoring goals, conceding not too much. We are in a great moment.

“Now is the moment to translate those stats and that feeling and show if you’ve grown up and learned or if you’re very close to winning the league or the FA Cup. That’s the most difficult step to achieve.”