Premier League review: Spurs and Gunners blocked at the best moment, Foxes...

Premier League review: Spurs and Gunners blocked at the best moment, Foxes still on top

Has just finished an incredible Tuesday and Wednesday of Premier League; yesterday Chelsea, Bournemouth and Everton won their game against Norwich, Southampton and Aston Villa. A draw has defined the fight between Sunderland and Palace, whereas Leicester have been stopped by a valiant West Bromwich Albion.

Tonight, Arsenal (1-2 at home versus Swansea) and Tottenham (1-0 away in the derby versus Hammers) lost their games valid to engage Leicester and then, considering yesterday’s draw of Foxes, Ranieri and his fellows gained one point above both of them.

Manchester United solved the hassle Watford with a penalty shot realized by Juan Mata, whereas an angry and brave Liverpool took their revenge on Manchester City: 3-0 – signed by Lallana, Milner, then Firmino – and mission accomplished.

West Ham and Swansea are without hesitations the heroes of tonight; with their crazy victories Leicester maintain once again their leadership on the League table. Stoke City gets in trouble Newcastle with a Shaquiri goal, and now Magpies are approaching to relegation zone. Actually they are already there, but still have a match to play against Citizens. So probably no many chances for them, but football is strange and then never say never.

Meanwhile, let’s toast this wide open league table.