Rio Ferdinand: “Terry has been outstanding”

Rio Ferdinand: “Terry has been outstanding”

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It is no secret John Terry and Rio Ferdinand are not the best mates, but Rio Ferdinand admitted John Terry has had a magnificient season

The former England partners no longer speak following the racism case with Anton Ferdinand a a few years ago. Rio Ferdinand wrote it in his autobiography that his relationship with Terry may never be the same but in terms of Football, he still admires John Terry because the Chelsea Captain has been a warrior for the club this season. He said:

” Just because we no longer get on, does not mean I have lost my admiration for him as a footballer. His performances for Chelsea this season have been nothing short of outstanding and I’m not afraid to say it. John took the decision to retire from playing for England and had his reasons, but Chelsea are reaping the benefits.”

Rio Ferdiand insisted that playing for his club only is a big advantage, he added:

” John is finding as I did that the upside of being off the international scene is that your body gets the rest it needs which allows you to keep performing at top level well into your 30s”

‘When we were England centre-backs, myself and John had an excellent defensive record together. I had a similar relationship with Sol Campbell for England and Nemanja Vidic at Manchester United.

‘There’s a reason why John and Nemanja have the type of noses they do and that’s because they like to attack every ball.’