“Rivals would love me in their team”

“Rivals would love me in their team”

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Chelsea captain John Terry has said that the club’s rivals would love to have him in their team, and that he thrives on the abuse he receives.

The 34-year old won his and Chelsea’s fourth Premier League title last season, and in an interview with an internet podcast, Terry said he wishes to focus on more success, but is still the subject of booing from opposing fans:

“I’m sure that if I was in their team they would love me in their team because I am one of those players who gives everything to the cause.

“Unfortunately the stick comes with it but I am very much used to that now. I do get a lot of stick, not only in the UK but everywhere we go really.

“But I thrive on that and try and use it in a positive way but I certainly don’t try and block it out.

“I use it to my advantage because nine times out of 10 if I can stay focused and keep the team focused we are going to come out as winners.

“And when you walk off the pitch having done your job and having done it the right way and go off with three points there is not much more to say.”

Terry was at the centre of a racism incident in 2012 with then-QPR defender Anton Ferdinand, but the former England skipper hopes that this will not affect opinions of him:

“You hope that when you hang up your boots, you don’t want to be hated, you just want to be thought of as a very good footballer and someone who gave everything for their club.”

Terry also looked ahead to Sunday’s Community Shield final with Arsenal when he will face former teammate Petr Cech, who signed for the Gunners this summer.

He¬†added: “100 percent it is all about winning the trophy. It is as simple as that. It is against our big London rivals. Petr Cech has gone there so that has added a bit more spice to it.

“I hate losing. Everyone in the squad is the same as well so ideally we want to take fitness from the [preseason] games and prepare ourselves right but when there are trophies on the line we want to go and win it.

“It can set the tone for the opening game of the season. A big rival and we will be going there to win it for sure.”