Sarri says ‘Kane was offside, clearly offside’ despite VAR-assisted penalty

Sarri says ‘Kane was offside, clearly offside’ despite VAR-assisted penalty

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Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri spoke following his side 0-1 defeat at Wembley in the first-leg of Carabao Cup‘s semi-finals last night.

Harry Kane was awarded a penalty following the assistance of VAR which overturned the referee’s decision. Maurizio Sarri confirmed the situation was controversial as ‘Kane was offside, clearly offside’. 

Sarri told reporters: “I think that they need to study better the system. It is very strange in the Premier League there is not the system, but in the Carabao Cup suddenly there is the system.

“Of course it is very strange for us, for the players, but also for the referees.”


He added: “In Italy there is the VAR. In the first period it was a disaster, also in Italy it was very difficult for the referee to get used to the system,” the Italian said. 

“I think that at the moment here the referees are not ready to use in the right way the system. For example, apart from the image in our camera, Kane was offside, clearly offside, but it is not important.

“I think it is more important that the linesman stopped running, he didn’t follow the ball, so for the players on the pitch it is clearly offside so I think he had a big influence on our defenders”.

The second leg will be played at Stamford Bridge on Thursday 24 January.