Shearer: “Diego Costa crossed a line: I like him, but…”

Shearer: “Diego Costa crossed a line: I like him, but…”

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While commenting Chelsea v Arsenal for BBC Newcastle legend Alan Shearer expressed his opinion on the incident that involved Diego Costa and Gabriel during the match, with the Brazilian that eventually was sent off:

“I like him, I’m a fan of his and I like the way he plays, I like the way he’s aggressive,” Shearer said about the Chelsea striker.

“But there’s a line and he crossed that line today, on more than one occasion. 

“This, I hate… trying to get Coquelin booked with his reaction. I hate that, I really do. He should get a yellow card himself for doing it, that’s the law.”

“With Koscielny, his hands… two in the face. He knows what he’s doing, he intends to catch him and he could be sent off if the referee sees that. He really is an angry man, you can see him scratch Gabriel, he’s winding Gabriel up… it’s got nothing to do with him at all. 

“And then he’s still at it, little slap, right in front of the referee. He’s sucked Gabriel right in, and Gabriel is absolutely pathetic for falling for it, he really is.”