Telegraph: “Chelsea has no plans to sell Eden Hazard”

Telegraph: “Chelsea has no plans to sell Eden Hazard”

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Eden Hazard © Francesca Ceciarini

Daily Telegraph‘s chief football writer Sam Wallace revealed that Chelsea have no plans to sell Eden Hazard:

“He has had a dreadful season, there are no two ways about it,” the English journalist stated.

“The feeling at Chelsea is that it would be foolish to sell him, he has been the Player of the Year. Twelve months ago he was a very good player and they believe he will be a good player again.

“And it goes back to the point we made earlier about what does a great manager do? Does he come in and buy a whole new team? Or does he work with what he has got and try and improve it?”

Wallace also thinks next Blues manager Antonio Conte won’t make a revolution in Chelsea squad next summer:

I think the mood at Chelsea is that we have actually got some good players here,” Wallace said. “They were champions 12 months ago. Yes, of course, like every team there needs to be changes.

“We often have this call for a clear out in the summer, but when has there ever been a clear out at a top club? When have seven or eight players ever left? Maybe if they get relegated and it is in the contracts that they go, or the contracts are unsustainable in the Championship.

“But you do not tend to see seven, eight, or nine players leaving a club. I mean Southampton is probably the closest, and that was because they were so successful.

“So I do not think they envisage massive changes and they certainly do not envisage selling Hazard because he is, for all his faults, a player who is very highly regarded.”

“I think there would be people biting Chelsea’s hand off to sign him.

“He has had a terrible season, no two ways about it and we may never know why.

“But certainly one of the things the new manager will be expected to do will be to get the best out of him.”