The Telegraph explains why Chelsea won

The Telegraph explains why Chelsea won

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The Telegraph: "Five reasons why Chelsea won Premier League"

Chelsea are Premier League champions


The Telegraph journalist Matt Law explains how Chelsea won the Premier League title in five points:


1. Signings
Last summer Chelsea did great transfer business. Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager, knew the players he wanted in order to fill the positions he needed. Consequently, the club moved swiftly and decisively. Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas have been very important, particularly in the first half of the season. Eden Hazard has struck a crucial partnership with striker Didier Drogba. Making Thibaut Courtois first choice goalkeeper ahead of veteran Petr Cech has also helped the squad.

2. Mourinho
Love him or loathe him, Mourinho has proved again to be the best tactician in the league. Mourinho made Chelsea team more attractive at the start of the season, but when his players started suffering from fatigue, the Special One reverted to a more defensive style. Many rivals might not like his game, but the 52-year old has proved his effectiveness.

3. Mental strength
Chelsea have topped the Premier League table since the first day. The ability of Mourinho’s team to be able to grind out a result has been second to none. Chelsea have always bounced back from a bad result and they have never lost two games in succession in all competitions at any point during this season.

4. Fitness
13 Blues players have made 20 or more Premier League appearances this season.
Costa has struggled with hamstring injuries, but, otherwise, Chelsea have got through the season relatively unscathed in terms of injuries. Hazard has managed to get up every time he has been hacked down. Mourinho has admitted that Chelsea’s impressive injury record is a mixture of good practice and good fortune.

5. Balance
Chelsea have been able to defend well and attack well, so accusations of Mourinho’s team being boring are ridiculous. Manchester United have not scored enough goals, Manchester City have suffered problems in defence and Arsenal were still prone to the occasional blunder over the first half of the season.