Terry about Cech: ”He is going to be sorely missed”

Terry about Cech: ”He is going to be sorely missed”

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Chelsea captain John Terry decided to say a few words to comment on the upcoming Petr Cech transfer. He is convinced that the lack of Cech as a goalkeeper will be very noticeable in the team.

Petr Cech’s transfer to Arsenal is now only a matter of days, that is why the Blues captain decided to describe in a few words how much he admire him and how much he will be missed in the team. John Terry is convinced that thanks to Cech, Arsenal will be able to save much more points than under the current goalkeepers ( Wojciech Szczesny and David Ospina).

Terry told talkSPORT :

“As a professional, when you get left out of the team it’s difficult to accept, but he was an unbelievable professional this season. He was excellent when he came in for games. He deserves a lot of credit.”

“Pete has been at the top during his career. Thibaut has come in and to take Petr out of the team you have to be a great talent and he has done that.”

“I’m sure if he does leave the club, which nobody wants to see, he is going to be sorely missed. He will improve whatever side he goes to.”

“There is obviously talk of Arsenal signing Petr and if they do get Pete, that will strengthen them for sure. He will save them 12-15 points a season.”

In the same interview also spoke about his thoughts about the upcoming new season.

“To be top of the league the whole way through the season was an exceptional thing to do, but you can’t kind of dwell on that. We have to start concentrating on next season and try to improve on that again,”

“When you win the league, you know teams go and spend money to buy the best.”

“Manchester City were a little way off this year and will strengthen.”

“I feel Arsenal and Manchester United are going to be very strong as well.”

“We all know once you win it, everyone wants to beat you the following year, (so) it will be even harder for us to win the league again.”