Terry: “Here to win more trophies”

Terry: “Here to win more trophies”

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After signing the contract that extends his stay to Chelsea for one more year, Blues legend and captain John Terry shared his feelings and thoughts of that special moment with Chelsea TV.

He claimed:

“Hopefully there is many more [trophies]. We are very close at the moment. To get that big one at the end of the season would be fantastic. Then we can regroup and go again next year. I am delighted to be here and hopefully there could be a few more years after this”

About him keen on scoring goals, with a rate of one every 10 games, that is impressive for a central defender, said:

“It is not bad and it has been a big part of my career”

‘I had a good couple of years when the manager [Jose Mourinho] took over but then you get man-marked and doubled-up on at set-pieces with people blocking you off. Then you need to find different ways of getting the better of someone at a set-piece or wherever, so it gets more difficult once your profile becomes bigger and you are scoring goals”

Terry also talked about what’s behind his outstanding performances this season, being already 34:

“First and foremost it’s hunger, hard work and wanting to win and the manager has had a big part to play in that with his honesty, saying play well and stay in the team, if not there will be other players who come in”

Finally, a little consideration on the title race: “The Hull game showed how tough it is going to be but to get that big one at the end of the season would be fantastic, and then we can regroup and go again next season”.