Terry: “We are 100% with Mourinho, he takes all the responsibilities but...

Terry: “We are 100% with Mourinho, he takes all the responsibilities but it’s us…”

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Chelsea captain John Terry spoke to the media before the Champions League clash against Dynamo Kiev:

I think it’s difficult to just take one reason, I think as a group we realise where we are and what are the results, but as a group we took the responsibility of it. We want to show the manager he can rely on us”

We stick together, ridicoulus comments on the media, last 4 games unlucky we had to come out with a couple of wins, I can assure that us the players are 100% with the manager.

We are doing the same work of the last season, we did a lot of work in the pre-season to be prepared for this season, the manager worked a lot with us, I’ve been knowing Jose for more than years, and he always work in the same way: he demands a lot, also in the training pitch, and of course he is disappointed with the results, he takes a lot of responsibilities on his back and shoulders, and this take out the responsibility from us the players, I guess it’s a little unfair, because we are the ones on the pitch and that don’t perform.

“He’s under pressure because of how we’re performing. Once we cross that white line, it’s on us. Jose has been really disappointed and devastated after games. He takes it on his own shoulders. We will bounce back from this.

About the speculation on one of his team-mates that would have said something like: “I would rather lose than win for Mourinho” he stated:

In my whole football career, I’ve never heard a player come out with them words. It’s ridiculous I have to talk about it. If player said that they wouldn’t get out of the dressing room…”

On Mourinho’s possible sack, he said:

It’s not going to come to that. The club’s shown faith. He’s the best,” he said. “We’re going to turn it around… We will turn things around. I’m positive. The important thing is together. And we’re together in that dressing room.

Collectively we know we have to perform better, for him, for the club, we are the ones on the pitch, not performing, he takes a lot of responsibilities and this is unfair.

“As a captain it’s been difficult in this moment, but I am ready to stand up. Speaking personally I know I am not at the top of the form and I know that I can perform better, I need to be back up to where I was last season.”

“Mourinho’s comments after the game and the fines and bans from FA? If you don’t want boring answers you gotta give the managers a little bit of freedom, he speaks like that because he’s got passion and he cares about the club, his job is not easy, I speak for all the managers, just not for him…he answers like that because it’s also what the fans want to hear, it’s cool if they are more spontaneous, so give them more freedom

“Jose has protected us and is protecting us, for me he’s been the best manager we had in this football club, Eden [Hazard] last year as the best player I’ve seen in this football club also, we have to keep those people in the English football for the good of English football: Jose for me is the best manager by far, and also Eden last year was the best player by far.

Terry also smashed Robbie Savage, now a pundit, feeling that he was targeted by him with excessive criticism:

“I’ve come under criticism, individually, from certain players and individuals, players I’ve looked up to and played alongside. I’ve taken that on the chin: Rio, Carra, Neville, the very best I’ve come up against in the game. I take that on the chin. When others speak, maybe I don’t take it on the chin. When players have not had a career, played at a really bad level in their career … Robbie Savage being one. He’s dug me out a couple of times. You take it as a footballer, as an individual. I’ll take it from the Rios, Carraghers and Neville. All day long. From others? Nah.”