The Future Remains Uncertain for Ancelotti

The Future Remains Uncertain for Ancelotti

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Although Carlo Ancelotti is reported to have already agreed to be at Manchester City next season, speculation still arises over the future of the former Blues manager.

Real Madrid are expected to continue their culture of replacing the manager after an unsuccessful season, which gave credibility to primary reports on his move to the Etihad. However, Ancelotti has also now become part of the speculation surrounding the future of A.C Milan.

Although Ancelotti would be unlikely to manage a team currently unable to get into Europe, the Rossoneri would be prepared to tempt a manager who has proven himself in a number of teams, including his last spell at A.C Milan, in an attempt to regain some of their lost prestige. Ancelotti’s presence at the club could attract players who would otherwise be turned off from the chance of finishing mid-table.

Rumours also continue to arise over who will take the manager spot at Man City, with the availability of Jürgen Klopp, in addition to Pep Guardiola potentially on his way out of Munich.

It is apparent that more time is needed for one to be certain about where Ancelotti will be managing this upcoming season, however this time could also give arise to even more rumours surrounding the 55 year-old.