Mourinho: “In London I can have an almost normal life”

Mourinho: “In London I can have an almost normal life”

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Jose Mourinho gave a very long interview to Sunday Telegraph supplement, here is the part where he speaks about his private life in London:

Almost everyone in football knows the ins and outs of Jose Mourinho – on the sidelines at least.

But how much do people know about the man outside of the dressing room? Outside of the press room. Outside of Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho and his wife, Matilde, were teenage sweethearts, growing up a street away from each other in the coastal town of Setúbal. They have been married for 26 years, and have two teenage children, also named Matilde and José.

He is a religious man, in some way, “that I believe totally, clearly. Every day I pray; every day I speak with Him. I don’t go to the church every day, not even every week. I go when I feel I need to. And when I’m in Portugal, I always go.” What does he pray for, though?

“For my family! For my kids, for my wife, for my parents, for happiness and a good family life. But I can say the reality is I never go to the church to speak with Him about football. Never!”

For a man that is so ferocious in football, does he think that he is, truly, a good person? “I think so. I try to be. And I think I am. I don’t have problems with family or friends. I am a good family person; I am a good friend. I try to support people that I don’t even know. Do I make mistakes? Yes. My professional area is not only very competitive – it is competitive and emotional and [you must] push people for a certain kind of behaviour – absolutely, yes. But the professional life is only part of a person; a person is much more than that.”

However, Mourinho’s family is hugely important to him, and the expression “two-faced” is important, none more so to the 52-year old. “It’s not her world. Be in a club that I like. Be in a place that I enjoy. Work with people that I like. That is basically the advice [she gives] because when that happens life at home for everyone will be better. But it is difficult. Even if I can separate things, sometimes they can’t. If I lose an important match, I try to go home with a nice face, tomorrow is another day, and it’s just a game of football and so on and so on. But I arrive at home, and they have the bad face!” He laughs. “They are sad for me!”

The Portuguese man is in his second spell at Chelsea. But with the football comes a life in London. The English capital is by no means easy, no matter how much money you have: “I think people in London understand what it is to disturb and not to disturb. They have a notion that people need space, that people deserve respect. If I am disturbed it is always by non-English people. The English people in the restaurant, of course they want an autograph or a selfie, but they wait until I finish my meal. Go to a shop, they wait – they don’t come when I’m choosing my socks. And walking in the street I have the same feeling. It is impossible in London that somebody would disturb because of a negative result when you are walking in the street with your family. Impossible! In Madrid, Milan – always.” 

But, like everyone, the former Porto, Inter Milan and Real Madrid boss has favourites:

CAR: Jaguar F-Type
“I’ve driven many cars of similar high performance and beautiful style, but nothing is like a Jaguar. The noise of the F-Type and the speed… there is nothing like it.”

WATCH: Hublot King Power ‘Special One’
“I made it, I designed it and the company did it for me according to my needs. It’s the colour I want, the material I want and the right size and weight. I designed it with the company. It’s my watch.”

PHONE: BlackBerry
“I like it. It is that simple. It does everything I need.”

“It is always nice to return home. Home is home, and I don’t get there enough with the busy football season.”

“As a family we always eat together and although we like many restaurants in London, we have the most fun when we eat at home together.”


For a man as flamboyant as Mourinho, it may surprise some that such an infamous figure can have such a normal life behind the scenes.