Todd Kane: “I’m hoping I will get a chance at Chelsea this...

Todd Kane: “I’m hoping I will get a chance at Chelsea this summer”

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Fullback Todd Kane, currently on loan at Dutch club NEC Nijmegenhas spoken out recently about his aim to do his best for Chelsea. Kane has spent the last four years away from Chelsea and he is hoping for a chance next season.

He said: “I’ve been out on loan for four years and I think I’ve learnt a lot more from playing men’s football than in the under-21s league. I’m near enough on the 100 mark of senior appearances.”

About Chelsea: “It’s been very good for me and you have to be realistic and know that only one or two will get opportunities at a big club like Chelsea. It’s the same at somewhere like Manchester United. Let’s be honest, Marcus Rashford got his chance at United because, to a degree, it’s fallen into place. He’s a great player but you have to get a bit of luck. I’ve learnt so much from being at Chelsea. From working and training with top quality players, I still speak to people from the club all the time, get advice from players, the Chelsea set-up is fantastic and I’ve definitely got no regrets.

About NEC Nijmegen: “I’m really enjoying it in Holland. I had a look round the place and loved it straight away. It’s just what I needed. I’m living in the middle of nowhere, just focused on football — training and working hard. It’s a great test.

Then he added: “But I’m hoping I will get a chance under the new manager at Chelsea this summer. Chelsea are good for the players out on loan. The technical director, Michael Emenalo, is a clever man, stays in regular contact and gives you a lot of encouragement.”