Van Gaal: “Giggs reminds me of Jose”

Van Gaal: “Giggs reminds me of Jose”

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Van Gaal and Mourinho hugs in Old Trafford in October 2014 © Francesca Ceciarini

Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal spoke to the press today ahead of Chelsea clash at Stamford Bridge.

The Dutch coach explained that his side want a win to try to contend the title to Chelsea, but the Blues maybe will be happy with a little less:

[The title] is still possible, I’ve said that before. It is not logical but it is possible. It’s more when and if, and I don’t believe in when and if. I believe in facts. The fact is that we are behind Chelsea

“But, alright, we have to play against them and so do Arsenal so we can lay pressure on Chelsea’s shoulders. You never know, you’ve seen it in previous Premier League seasons. So I cannot say it is not possible, but it is not logical

They play at home but I think that Chelsea will be satisfied with a draw. Of course they will want to beat Manchester United and we want to beat them, the question is how long players can play in the discipline.”

“We live for these titles, we are doing this for that. The only satisfaction you have as a manager is when you win a title. When you are second or third you can play Champions League, but a title is more fixed for you and you have your name on it. That’s why managers are fixated on titles. When you reach that goal you are happy

To be involved in the game with young people to reach a goal, that is also a goal of mine. That is why I’m still a manager because I don’t have to work anymore, you can count on that. I like to work with young people and help them in their career

He then revealed that Ryan Giggs, now is main assistant in Man United technical staff, reminds him a lot of Jose Mourinho, that was his assistant in his spell at FC Barcelona:

He reads the game very good, like Jose, but to manage a group you have to learn. What I can see is that he is also learning quickly

“I have to admit, I could not imagine when I spoke with him in May, that he would work so very hard”

“As an ex-player, you are not used to working hard. He is a very hard worker”

Van Gaal also added that Juan Mata will start tomorrow, on the day of his return to Stamford Bridge:

“Normally I always put players in the lineup if they’ve played for the opponent, so I think Mata shall play”.