Wenger: “Will Chelsea go down? No”

Wenger: “Will Chelsea go down? No”

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has said that Chelsea won’t go down and aren’t even in a relegation battle.

Despite winning the title seven months ago, a 2-1 defeat to Leicester – their ninth loss in their opening 16 league games – left the Blues in 16th and just one point above the relegation zone.

The club sacked manager Jose Mourinho on Wednesday afternoon.

However Wenger, who has been labelled a “specialist in failure” by the Portuguese and has physically pushed Mourinho during his time as Arsenal manager, claims the club aren’t in any danger:

“If you ask me objectively: ‘Will Chelsea go down?’ I say: ‘No, no chance’,” said Wenger, who was speaking before Mourinho was removed.

“They are in a difficult spell, but they are not in a relegation battle.”

Asked if he thought Chelsea’s best chance of turning their form around was to keep Mourinho, the Frenchman added: “I do not want to assess any other things over Chelsea because it’s not my problem.”