Drogba:”I did not ask for these rumours”

Drogba:”I did not ask for these rumours”

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Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba irritated by the rumours about his return to Marseille. That is why in his latest interview he decided to cut off all the speculations about the possible transfer to France.

As soon as Didier Drogba announced that he is leaving Chelsea an avalanche of speculation about his future has began. During the last few weeks he was heavily linked with a come back to Marseille, the team where his stunning career has started. But the rumour went too far so that the player himself decided to deny it.

In his latest interview, he told RMC :

“After a while, this has to stop. I did not ask for these rumours. I like the Marseille fans, I myself am a supporter of Marseille but they must stop branding rumours about like that on with my name.”

Marseille’s president Vincent Labrune  told Fanatik:

”We made an offer to Drogba last month however, he has no intention of returning to Marseille.”

While Galatasaray board member suprised everyone saying :

Drogba will return to Galatasaray in the future for a coaching role,”

Well it seems that Drogba doesn’t need to worry about being unemployed. However by now the Ivorian is linked with a move to MLS. But as always, nothing is certain yet.