Marotta:”Pogba is a master of his destiny”

Marotta:”Pogba is a master of his destiny”

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Paul Pogba had been told by Juve that he controls his own destiny.

Pogba who joined Juventus’s on a free transfer in 2012 has only recently signed a new five years extension last October.

However, he has constantly been linked to a move away from Juventus, as would be suitors are all prepared to meet the asking price.

In an interview with Corriere Della Sera, Juve director Giuseppe Marrota has today confirmed that the club would not stand on his way, should the player decide to leave and if the price was right.

He said:”Pogba is still master of his own destiny, and if he chooses to leave then it will be hard for the club to keep him.

“He’s given no sign that he wants to go away. The problem is when a player is offered a contract that can be two or three times higher than what he’s currently earning. We’re talking about a net €10m salary per season.”

Marrota has also indicated that the club remains committed to bringing in other stars in the summer.

He added:“Our appeal has changed so much. We used to struggle to convince players to join us.

“Now people compete to join us. And I mean players with a high profile, what you call top players.”