Shakhtar boss stops Alex Texeira’s transfer to Chelsea

Shakhtar boss stops Alex Texeira’s transfer to Chelsea

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It seemed that was all done for Alex Texeira‘s transfer from Shakhtar Donetsk to Chelsea but the Ukrainian club’s boss, Mircea Lucescu, quenched the enthusiasm of Blues’ fans claiming that the Brazilian midfielder is going anywhere, at least now.

“If there is an offer that will satisfy both player and the club I will fully support his move,” said Lucescu.

“At the moment, Alex is Shakhtar’s player. We’ll see in the summer, now there’s no point talking about it. This year, he needs to play so that he grows even more, despite the fact that Alex’s level is very high even today.”

Shakhtar will play Schalke 04 in Europa League Round of 32 in February and Lucescu wants all his top players in a good form:

“I want to see my players perform in the best, top teams in Europe. This means that both my assistants and I have not been working in vain for so many years,” added the Shakhtar manager.

“We signed players, who were 17-19, and brought them to the level of the top clubs. I wonder how many coaches in Europe are working based on such a scheme?”.