Blatter and Platini suspended by FIFA for 90 days

Blatter and Platini suspended by FIFA for 90 days

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The FIFA Ethics Committee has decided to suspend president Sepp Blatter and president of UEFA Michel Platini for 90 days.

Both Blatter and Platini two were named in an investigation by the Swiss Attorney General’s office. The FIFA president is accussed of mismanaging FIFA funds in order to make bribery payments while the UEFA president Platini is going to be asked about a mysterious 2011 $2 million payment made by Blatter on UEFA’s account. The suspensions can be extended by up to 45 days.

What is more, also today another FIFA member Chung Mong-joon, was suspended for six years in a separate case.

FIFA statement read:

”Today, in accordance with FIFA’s Code of Ethics, Joseph S. Blatter was relieved of all his duties as FIFA President following the decision of the Adjudicatory Chamber of the Independent Ethics Committee to provisionally ban him from all football activities on a national and international level.

Joseph S. Blatter, for the duration of the 90-day ban, is not allowed to represent FIFA in any capacity, act on the organisation’s behalf, or communicate to media or other stakeholders as a FIFA representative.

As mandated by article 32 (6) of the FIFA Statutes, Issa Hayatou, as the longest-serving vice-president on FIFA’s Executive Committee, will serve as Acting President of FIFA.

It was also announced that the Independent Chairman of the Adjudicatory Chamber of the Ethics Committee issued a provisional 90-day ban for FIFA’s Secretary General, Jérôme Valcke.

This decision follows FIFA’s announcement on 17 September 2015, that the organization had put Jérôme Valcke on leave and released him from his duties effective immediately. On that date, FIFA requested a formal investigation by the Ethics Committee.

All operational business matters will continue to be overseen by Markus Kattner, Acting Secretary General.”