Tal Ben Haim: “Football helps Israeli people”

Tal Ben Haim: “Football helps Israeli people”

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Israel captain and Charlton defender, Tal Ben Haim has said that football was the best way to help Israeli.

Wales and Israel are both in the hunt for points to qualify for the Euro 2016 Championships and Tal Ben Haim knows it will be huge game and doesn’t expect anything easy.

Speaking ahead of the game against Wales in Haifa, the captain described football as the best way to represent the country and said:

“The atmosphere is something that you never saw in England. The fans are really passionate about the game. Fans bought tickets four months ago. The media, people in the street: everyone is talking about this game. It’s going to be a huge game for us. Obviously the fans are going to be behind us from the first minute.”

However, the Israeli captain is well aware of what’s happening in his country, such as the political conflict. He added:

“We want to put some smiles on people’s faces in Israel. Because sometimes they went through a difficult period, and football is the best place for us to represent the country. It is the best way for us to help the people, to put some smiles on their faces.”

Ben Haim has played for several top clubs in England in his career and has described the life there as magnificent, saying:

“I love England, I love London, I love the mentality. My kids were born here. They’ve gone back to the same school, and we live in the same area, Cobham, where I’ve had a place since I was at Chelsea. This is the best place in the world to be.”