Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In the current form we are going to describe the web page consulting users personal data way of management. This is a not for people who interact with the company web services, that are accessible on the web at this address:

The note is just for this website e not for other websites that the users can possibly visit through links. By visiting the above-written website, the users are going to implicitly accept the rules in the Privacy Information note.


Following the browsing of this website, some data related to identified or identifiable people can be treated. The service owner is:

The services linked to this website services take place at hosting servers and they are cared by the appointed treatment technical department, or by some occasional maintenance technicians. No web service derived data will be communicated or diffused. The personal data provided by the users that send requests to get info are used only with the aim to provide the service requested.


The navigation data, the IT systems and the software procedures designated to this website operation get, in the process of the normal service, some personal data, whose transmission is implied in the internet communication protocol usage.

Those are information that are collected to be associated with indetified interests, but that could let, for their own nature, to identify the user, through some elaboration and connection.

As part of this category of data we can identify: IP addresses or domain names of users that connetc to the website, URI addresses ( Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested sources, the time of the request, the method used to get the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained in the answer of that, the numerical code that indicates the server answer status ( successful, error, etc..) and other parameters related to the OS and to the IT environment of the user.

These data are used with the only aim to get statistical info on the website usage and to control the correct operation and are deleted right after the processing. The data could be used to verify responsibilities in case of IT crimes against the website.


Sending email in a discretionary, explicit and voluntary way to the email addresses published on this website involves the acquisition of the sender email address to answer to the requests, as well as the other personal data provided in the email.

Some specifical summary notes will be released or displayed in the website pages for some particular on demand services


No personal data from the users will be acquired on purpose by the website. Cookies are not used to provide personal info, neither any type persistent c.d. cookies are used, in other words, systems to track users.

The usage of session c.d. cookies ( those that are not permanently saved on the user pc and that are deleted with the browser closure) is strictly limited to the transmission of sessions identifiers ( marked by casual numbers generated by the server) essential to let the safety mode and efficient browsing of the website.

The session c.d. cookies used on this website avoid the recourse to other IT techniques potentially detrimental for the user browsing privacy and don’t allow the acquisition of identifying personal user data.


Apart of what specified for the navigation data, the user is free to provide personal data posted in the request forms or in any case indicated in the section “ contacts” to request the info dispatch.

The missing provision of the data can affect the impossibility of getting what demanded.


Personal data are treated with computerised tools for the strictly necessary times to reach the aims for whom they are collected. Specific safety measures are observed to prevent the data loss, abuses or not authorised accesses.


The individuals to whom the personal data are referred to have the right in any moment to get the confirmation of the existence or not of these same data and of knowing the content  and the origin, to verify the exactness or to request the integration or the update, otherwise  the rectification or the interruption. The requests will be submitted to the service provider (

This note forms this website privacy policy, that will be periodically updated.