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Italian defender Davide Zappacosta has played so far just 18 minutes in the current Premier League and according to some reports, italian side SS Lazio would like to sign him in the January transfer window.

Angelo Alessio who was Antonio Conte‘s assistant coach at Chelsea last season, believes the defender has the right to tell his club to let him go and play regularly with another team.

“If he wants to play regularly it is right for him to ask Chelsea to let him go. There is little space there for him and they are not guaranteeing him a starting position”. Alessio told La Lazio siamo noi.  “I think he wants to leave and play and clearly the clubs have to deal with the financial aspect of the deal.”

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‘From a technical point of view”, Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri is making Ross Barkley “a better player” as the former Everton midfielder told journalist at a press conference ahead of Europa League clash against FC Vidi at Stamford Bridge.

Brakley said: “His philosophy is helping me a lot right now. Over the years I haven’t really been coached much, and I am at an age now where I understand football a lot more, and I know how important it is to take different tactics from different managers on board,

“Our players are high up the pitch, he likes to press, and when we receive the ball we are closer to the goal to take shots and create chances, which is the way I like to play. Right now I am ready to understand every aspect of the game”.

‘His style of play really suits mine, so I feel like as the season goes on I will show a lot more of what I am capable of. You only need to be around the gaffer for half-an-hour to know how intelligent he is. His attention to detail for each player is really important so you understand what he wants for each game we go into. He prepares for each game and each opponent really well. You can understand how much he loves the game”.

The 24-year-old had his say also on reasons behind the lack of international caps with England since joining Chelsea back in January 2018, with Antonio Conte still in charge.

“I had a difficult time last season with a lot of injuries” he noted.

“It was bound to be frustrating, but I was mentally tough as I have been with previous injuries. My focus was on here coming here and improving, and I believe even when I wasn’t playing games I was still improving in training and understanding the different movements of the players and getting used to them”.

“This season I have got a strong pre-season under my belt and now I am kicking on. I am feeling as fit as I have ever felt before. Sarri has given me the chance to play and I have played, and I hope I have taken my chance!”

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Last season, David Luiz fell out of favour with former Chelsea boss Antonio Conte and was forced to watch from the sidelines as the Blues failed to qualify for Champions League.

The Brazilian defender told BT Sport how close he was to leaving Chelsea if the former Juventus boss had stayed:

“I had a contract with Chelsea. I had two offers from different clubs but I said to Chelsea I want to stay and so I’m going to wait and if Chelsea take a different manager I’m going to show them and stay in Chelsea and that’s what I did.”

Luiz is now a regular starter under new boss Maurizio Sarri and seems to have gained his confidence back.

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Chelsea ace Willian reckons new boss Maurizio Sarri has brought the fun back to Blues since replacing Antonio Conte as manager last summer.

The Brazilian had fallen out with Conte and was keen to leave, should the former Juventus manager have stayed for the new season.

Speaking ahead of PAOK clash in Europa League Willian was asked what impact Sarri has made and replied:

“He wants us to play. You can see in the games the difference from last season. We play more, we have more possession, we enjoy, we have fun with responsibility. We win five games in a row so we have to continue the same way.

 “I’m happy with the new manager, with the new profile of football. We have a great team atmosphere. We have great players. We can do everything this season to win titles.

“I‘m very proud to stay and to be a Chelsea player. It’s an honour to play for this club. I’m very happy at Chelsea.

“Everyone knows what happened in the last transfer window but my mind was always at Chelsea. It was always to play for Chelsea. Now with Sarri we have a different way to play football so we just want to enjoy and continue to play for this club.”

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After a difficult season because of many injuries and a difficult relationship with former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, now Brazilian defender David Luiz is enjoying his life at Stamford Bridge and he has regained a place in the Blues’ starting XI.

David Luiz himself believes his new happiness in London is linked with the appointment of Maurizio Sarri as the new Chelsea boss: “First of all he’s a great person, great as a human. I think his philosophy to live life is already great because he wants to enjoy every day, David Luiz told Chelsea’s official magazine. “He wants to be happy and he wanted to take this opportunity to start one more chapter in his life. I think that is one of the most important things in life: when you love to do something, when you’re happy.”

The Brazilian defender also claimed Sarri’s work and philosophy is useful for all the team: “So, I believe in this philosophy, and then after that he is a great coach. He wants to play with the ball, he wants to play with intensity, to work on the details and to give us all the information he can about the next game and the opponent”. the defender explained. “Every week he tries to make the best plan possible for the exact game and this is great because he is working in the best way for the team, for the collective.”

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Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri says it is in his thoughts to finish his career with Napoli as he is a fan of the Italian club.

The Italian coach left the Azzurri to move to Stamford Bridge last summer and things: the Premier League start was really good for him as he has 100% record with four wins from the first four games.

Sarri signed a three-year deal less than 24 hours after Antonio Conte was sacked, but he says he only found out of his own dismissal after watching the news on TV:

“It’s true, I found out that I wasn’t the Napoli coach anymore by seeing it on television,” he told to Naples newspaper Il Mattino.

“I had some doubts, that’s fair, but there was a clause in the contract and it wasn’t something I had asked for.

“It was not respected in the timing. Now I hope that Ancelotti can achieve what I came so close to.

“It would have been the crowning of an extraordinary story, of a dream of mine, of the team and of the whole city. Of course I happen to relive moments here, in every moment. words, but those who have done sport know that we have lost the Scudetto in the hotel.

“I hope for the city, for the fans, Napoli is an extraordinary city, it deserves to win the Scudetto, I am a Napoli fan, I am happy that Carlo is now the coach because he has not only won everywhere, but It is always done well by everyone, it means that human and professional qualities are extraordinary.”

When asked if he got the chance to say a final goodbye to the players, Sarri replied:

“No, it all happened quickly, but I want to do it right now, and I say:” You are extraordinary guys, keep it up because you can do it to conquer that dream that we have touched.

“It may be the goal to finish my career at Napoli.”

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Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata has cited again Antonio Conte’s style of play as one of the reasons of his fickle first season at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking to Spanish radio Cadena Ser he was asked about whether he enjoys life under Maurizio Sarri more, he was pretty emphatic in his answer.

“Yes, yes, yes. For me, yes,” he replied.

Morata also went into his injury problems which seemed to go under the radar.

He explained that he should have taken time off instead of forcing himself to play through it:

“A player they pay for can’t finish the season with 15 goals. People think we’re machines.

“If I had stopped for three months, I would have come back with a clear head, but I was professional and I wanted to give everything.

“If I could go back, I would stop for two months.

“I was in pain, I went to Germany to see the doctor, paying for private planes.

“People believe the false life of Instagram, what it shows you; they thought I was at home with my wife.

“Someday, I’ll write a book about what I’ve been through.”

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Chelsea star Eden Hazard praised new boss Maurizio Sarri, claiming he’s really different from his previous managers at Stamford Bridge, José Mourinho and Antonio Conte:

“I like to have the ball. Not in my own half, but in the last 30 metres,” Hazard told Chelsea TV.

“I like this type of game. It’s completely different than Antonio Conte or Mourinho before.

“We have more ball so for me it’s not bad.”

Hazard claimed the two signing in the midfield are marking a difference:

“It’s not so different [from the past]. The big difference is we bring two players, Jorginho and Kovacic and they are completely different.

“We just try to keep the ball more often and then when we have a chance to score, we need to score.

“But when we have more ball we can be more dangerous.

“We’re playing good football, so we enjoy. I want to keep this momentum,” the Belgian concluded.

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Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley is confident about the season that has just started after struggling in the past campaign for some injuries that stopped him and a lack of feeling and trust with former Blues boss Antonio Conte.

The former Everton player sets an ambitious goal for himself:

“I believe I can hit the 20 goals a season mark,” the England international told The Telegraph.

Barkley probably gained confidence thanks to new Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri, who gave him the chance to start in the first two Premier League games of this season:

 “It’s a lot, but it’s achievable,” he continued.

“You see Lamps do it and Stevie [Gerrard] and [Paul] Scholes. It’s just starting in training first, scoring goals there and practising every day.

“I’ve played with Frank and I saw what he was like around England, and how much of a top professional he was.”

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New Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has made some rules changes respect to Antonio Conte era that seemed to please his squad.

First of all, some training sessions were moved to the afternoon so his players can spend the mornings at home with their families, which is said to be a popular and welcome change.

The Italian manager has also scrapped two of his compatriot’s old rules which involved nutrition and pre-match preparation.

The Telegraph reports that the players are now able to enjoy a wide range of food choices in the training ground canteen and also in hotels when travelling: tomato ketchup, HP sauce and vinegar were reportedly banned under Conte but they have now returned to the Blues‘ menu.

Furthermore,  the players will not be required to spend the night at a hotel with their team-mates before games.

This was said to be an unpopular policy amongst the team because they were unable to be with their families.

Sarri will allow them to travel to matches closer to the time from their homes instead.


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