Former referees’ chief explains why Clattenburg left Premier League

Former referees’ chief explains why Clattenburg left Premier League

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Marc Clattenburg is set to leave Premier League as he’ll take up job in Saudi Arabia, as revealed yesterday.

He claimed: “This is an important move forward. We have professional referees in the country that I am leaving, which has been a big positive.

“One thing I’d like to do is work with the refereeing team and the president to make this happen so that it will be successful for many, many years to come.”

Anyway, according to former referees’ chief Keith Hackett, his decision to leave England was due to a lack of support from PGMOL /Professional Game Match Officials Limited/ following alleged insults towards former Chelsea stars Juan Mata and John Obi Mikel in 2012.

“I think it’s down to poor management. – he said – There were incidents when the PGMOL haven’t supported or clarified decisions when they’ve needed to. Mark felt after the Mata incident no one supported him. He was left high and dry”.

“I was doing lot of talking to him at the time and it’s how you manage people and how you manage personalities. That’s a part of the skillset that’s lacking at the moment. The problem is he’s gone and the Premier League are without the best around”.

Then Hackett added: “And I feel he’s gone because no-one ever comes out from the PMGOL and clarifies a decision. There’s time when refs need a phone call, they need an arm round the shoulder but it isn’t happening”.

“It’s not about the money. He’s got an opportunity to secure his future, yes, and they’ve not tried to stop him going. Where’s the Premier League, where’s the PGMOL and where’s The FA? Why haven’t they tried to keep him?”